10 creative Christmas gifts 2018 – except Renjer!

Do you already know what you want to give your loved ones for Christmas? It is not always easy to find the right gift. That’s why we’ve collected some tips for you in this blog post and put together a list of 10 creative Christmas gifts for friends and family. You can be sure to find something here if you want to give a different gift – if you have not already decided to give our delicious jerky as a present.

        1. Baseball Bat – Pepper Mill

This inconspicuous but fantastic pepper mill makes the preparation of food an experience – can even be used for chasing away burglars. The pepper is available here.

2. Scratch Map

For all adventurers and travellers – the world map to scratch off. Perfect for your partner if you travel a lot together and always want to keep an eye on where you’ve been already. Globetrotters will be happy with this present.

3. Spain to Norway on a bike called Reggie – Book by Andrew P. Sykes

A book about the adventurous journey of Andrew – on a bike from Spain to Norway. The perfect gift to get inspired for a trip to Scandinavia to 2019! Renjer can highly recommend to do this.

4. Organic sunscreen from Suntribe – for all winter vacationers

If you have friends or family who like to travel to warmer countries during winter, then we have just the right gift for you – organic sunscreen from a Swedish startup called Suntribe. Obviously, it works also perfectly to protect your skin while skiing and other winter activities. These three founders exclusively produce sunscreen that is both well tolerated by the skin and the environment – we at Renjer support that of course! The healthy skin protection is available here.

5. What do you Meme? – Card Game

Do you know someone who likes playing card games and sends you memes every day? Then “What do you Meme” is just the right gift. The funniest card combination wins! It’s not always easy to guess every friends humour though. The card game for great Christmas parties is available here.

6. Norwegian pullover

The classic among the pullovers. If you really want to give your loved ones something special and of high quality, then this warming sweater is just right for long and cold winters. Norwegians know what real winter means and you might have seen many famous sportsmen valuing these pullovers. Dale of Norway offers also woollen hats and other winter clothes for women and men. 



7. Finnish Whisky Glasses

For the alcoholics among your friends. But seriously, for a fine whisky, there are hardly any better glasses than these Finnish design glasses from Iittala. Ideal for Whisky-fans, fathers and  fathers-in-law. More over Iittala has many other outstanding designer products in their collection. See here.

8. Scandinavian Cookbook

You thought Renjer was the only Scandinavian specialty? Almost, but not quite. In this cookbook, written by our friends from ScandiKitchen (one of Renjer’s loyal customers in the UK) you will find dozens of famous recipes of the Nordic cuisine, which you otherwise only find in Scandinavian kitchens. Get you guide to bake your own kanelbullar here!

9. Finnish Filet Knife

Do you have anglers, hunters or just knife fetishists among your friends or family members? Nothing cuts and fillets better than quality Finnish knives from Marttiini. This is the ideal gift for those which love to navigate through the wilderness and be able to cut whatever. But please don’t fight against bears! The Finnish survival tool you can get here.

10. Exploding Kittens – Card Game

The highly explosive card game for all cat lovers was a huge hit on the platform “Kickstarter”. We played it and it is really great fun in each round – easy to learn and with super funny motives. With this game boredom during Christmas is impossible. Catfight now!

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