2017 – The birth year of Renjer #2

Go for your dreams!

Our company formation including an elaborated business plan was not the only thing we were working on during spring 2017, we also had to write a whole thesis to pass our Master. This often kept us busier than we liked, and we often had that inner conflict whether to work on Renjer or on the thesis. When it is your dream to become an entrepreneur and you have a clear idea in mind it can be tricky to correctly appraise the value of a finished Master – which should indeed not be underestimated. However, not being forced to show your qualifications, diplomas and work experience to someone else in order to get a job is one of the best feelings about being your own boss, even if that often means financial constraints in the beginning.

Nonetheless, there was one thing this Master really helped us with – it took away the fear of failure when starting a business, which is the main reason why many people never actually do it, even though they dream about it. When studying Entrepreneurship you often get questioned by others why you have to study this program and don’t just do it – these people usually are the ones that never actually started up a business themselves. So our advice to you, who maybe don’t have the chance to study what we studied: never listen to anyone, who questions your dreams and above all, don’t be afraid to fail; because even if you do, a failure is just the source for improvement and anyway better than a life full of regrets and the question: “What if?”.


A summer of sales

Coming back to our company progress, it was May 2017 that our company actually made its first small sale of reindeer jerky to a business in Lund, a moment we all felt so proud of what we had achieved in such a short time. Even though the financial reward was negligible, it was an indescribable feeling that someone liked what we worked on so hard for many months. Now we needed to find the best way to bring our reindeer jerky to whole Scandinavia and, as some of you know from previous blog articles, we decided to take all our share capital, produce as much as we could and go on a sales/camping/road trip through whole Sweden, as well as Northern Finland and Norway during June/July 2017. What can we say, it was simply an incredible experience that none of us would want to miss. Almost 6500 km in 2,5 weeks, so many interesting places we’ve seen and so many nice people we talked to – resulting in more than 25 new sales partners all over Scandinavia (as you can see in our shop finder).

It was so successful, that we actually sold out after just half of the trip and had to organize reproduction from the car and from campsites somewhere in Northern Norway. After the trip and many – let’s call it – cozy nights in a tent and small huts, we were just happy but also tired arriving back home. Now the afterwork began, sending out orders and invoices, calling customers and keeping them satisfied.

Stay tuned for our final blog about Renjer’s year 2017, in which will will tell you more about our new products and about the importance of the right team when starting a business. 

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