2017 – The birth year of Renjer #3

Our new products

Happy with what we had achieved so far, but also due to the feedback we received for our first product, we decided to grow our product assortment. First we wanted a broader variety in our wild meat selection. Then we listened to the feedback we got throughout all partners and customers. They wanted a window in the packaging, so our customers would be able to see our product before the purchase. Lastly we wanted to find a way to offer our new products at a price point that allows more people to try and buy it as a regular snack instead of just for special occasions. Therefore we created the convenience packaging in order to increase the sales numbers to a level which makes the company sustainable. Especially for people who didn’t know us and therefore didn’t trust us completely our first product seemed to be to expensive for the risk which was involved. All this we achieved with our new three products – affordable wild jerky from elk, deer and again reindeer in convenient flow packages with windows. The planning process for these products started in August and even though we had gained much experience with our first product, the fact that we are able to deliver the final products just before Christmas shows once more how time-consuming such a project can be.

Whereas our first product, the box of reindeer jerky was mainly sold to premium supermarkets, tourist or delicacy shops, we firmly believe that in 2018 we will be able to get our products into the assortments of much larger companies, such as premium supermarkets or gym chains. Thus, B2B sales will be our main task for next year. We are ready for it and we are looking forward to our adventure reaching another dimension!

The importance of the start-up team

Another topic we want to discuss briefly in this blog is the importance of the team when founding a business. On our journey until today we have seen many businesses of friends and classmates fail due to arguments or other differences within the teams. This does not mean that we never argue, and many times we can have very different opinions even about allegedly “small” decisions. Important in that case is to respect each other and to try to understand each others reasoning in order to find the best compromise to make each team member feel satisfied. However, we also want to admit that we had a bit of luck with our team composition. We basically just knew each other for a month when the idea of Renjer was initially discussed. Luckily we all possess rather various characters and also skill sets. This made it easy for us to assign our respective fields of responsibility (such as marketing, IT or finance) and also to resolve arising conflicts. With certainty we can claim that Renjer would not be what it is today if one of us team members was missing. As individuals we could not have even been close to what we reached as a team until today. A further advantage of starting up with a good team is the factor motivation. There are just days when being an entrepreneur can be incredibly hard, for example after a lost client or any other kind of small failure. Then it is crucial to have teammates that motivate you and bring you back on track. That is what makes our team so strong.

Thank you!

This was Renjer’s year 2017 and we hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed being part of it. We can’t wait for 2018 to start again after a well-deserved Christmas break. Then we will continue our incredible journey to make Renjer famous throughout whole Europe. Once more we want to thank you for your amazing support throughout the year on different kinds of channels, we hope you enjoyed our social media activities and our blogs. We really appreciate everyone who gives us feedback! Thank you!

Have a great Christmas break,

Your Reindeer Bois

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