8 days of hiking in Lapland

First of all – it was the most intense week of my life. 8 full days of hiking was the longest trip that I have ever done. Every day held some new challenges for us.

Starting our trip to disconnect from modern society

In the beginning we were full of energy of course, walking the “easy” path of the main hiking route Kungsleden. On the second day we branched off to a much less frequently used path leading to several days of walking without hardly any encounters of other hikers. Once we did not see any other person for more than 24h. On top of that, we did not have any phone signal for more than 4 days. The hiking paths, which were included in our map, did not really deserve the name path. Most of the days we just followed the compass and used landmarks and the map to navigate into the right direction. But that was exactly what I wanted from this trip – a real adventure and some time for myself to calm down after an intensive year with Renjer so far.

Managing sufficient nutrition under tough circumstances

An important topic each day was our nutrition. On a hike like this you easily burn 4000 kcal daily and I can tell you from experience now that you are more or less hungry 24/7 and that you start to fantasize about all kinds of foods. As written in my last blog post before the hike, we brought approximately 4 kg of food each, containing e.g. freeze-dried bags of regular meals from Real Turmat, nutritional powder from HUEL, as well as many bars and of course our Jerky from Renjer. As most of the snacks (and also HUEL) are naturally sweet, Renjer was the perfect complementary savoury snack to “even out” the sweetness. I think everyone knows the craving for something savoury after consuming too much sweet food. All in all we planned our nutrition ahead quite perfectly. Only on two evenings in some hiking cottages we bought various cans as dinner and some more snacks.

Reaching the summit

The adventurous part of our trip (being mostly on our own) ended at the Kebnekaise Mountain Station, with more than 200 daily visitors. This was the base station of our most incredible hike up the Kebnekaise mountain, Sweden’s highest elevation with 2097m. Starting at 6am it took us 4 hours to go 11km to the top, including 1500 altitude meters up. The last 30m up to the top were plain ice and we needed to wear crampons to make it. The feeling of reaching the top was simply indescribable.

After 8 adventurous days, 130 km, roughly 8 km in altitude differences, 5 blisters and severe muscle ache, we were back in the train to the south, with a deep satisfaction within us of having mastered such a memorable and challenging trip.


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