Autumn feelings at Renjer Snacks

Let us celebrate the autumn, which is maybe of the most beautiful time of the year in the Nordics! ?

A couple of weeks ago the trees started to turn into beautiful colours, which made each moment in the nature picturesque. That was a great time to explore the nature cycling or just walking around. Now, the leaves are falling to the ground while the nature is preparing itself for the upcoming winter. In fact, this morning was the first cold morning in Lund this autumn. It was only three degrees, but what a beautiful weather we got as a present. This colder and fresher weather rewarded us with a bright sunshine, which we have enjoyed today the whole day (from the office window).

Renjer’s suggestion for this autumn

Why don’t you go and explore the beautiful nature, smell the fresh air from the forests and the fields? You could try to find some places where you have never been before. We are sure there are some nearby. Maybe you will find your new favourite view or spot. To end up a great day, we recommend to cook some creamy mushroom dishes with game meat during cosy autumn evenings and – obviously – share some bags of Renjer when you are out in the nature!

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