Beef Jerky VS Reindeer Jerky

The Bavarian food bloggers from VOI Lecker have done a small comparison of our delicious reindeer jerky with the beef jerky classic from Jack Link’s. We want to make this test also accessible for the non-German speaking friends of RENJER.

What the experienced food testers say:

  • Already in the first view Renjer’s Reindeer Jerky with its full bits appears as pure indulgence. On the other hand, Jack Link’s seems to be soaked in marinade.
  • Although Jack Link’s beef jerky tastes good, the flavour is mainly marinade and not real meat. In contrast Renjer’s reindeer jerky is a very natural taste experience, only lightly spiced with a wild reindeer flavour.
  • The bloggers from VOI Lecker think that the price of Renjer’s reindeer jerky is absolutely justified through the premium quality and the rare raw material used, although it is higher than for regular beef jerky.

Apart from that, let us add some additional facts about why we decided to make our jerky out of reindeer meat instead of beef:

  • Reindeer meat has a 10 times smaller carbon-footprint than beef, what makes consuming it good for the environment and the climate.
  • Reindeer live free and species-appropriate in the nature of Lapland, unlike cows which are industrially farmed by huge corporations.
  • The sustainable hunting and the natural diet of the reindeer (without any artificial animal feed) results in one of the healthiest meats available.
  • Also, the nutrients of meat grown in this sustainable way are just incomparable, extra high in protein, omega fatty acids and vitamins.

Moreover, there are some facts that make RENJER’s reindeer jerky special:

  • The meat used is carefully selected to make every bite a delicacy
  • Every piece is hand sliced and carefully dried
  • Only a small amount of natural spices make the flavour unique – yet wild-reindeer-ish.
  • Our delicacy is packaged in an exclusive box to emphasise the value of the meat. This makes it not just a snack, but also an ideal gift for friends and loved ones.

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