Hej Friends of Renjer!

My name is Tim and today I will tell you the story of how I got the idea for our product, Nordic Reindeer Jerky, in case you ever wondered about that.

It was December 2014 when I travelled to Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden. During that time of the year the sun is up for barely two hours and the nights are long and enlightened by incredible Northern Lights – also called Aurora Borealis. For all of you who never had the chance so far to see this spectacular natural phenomenon, I can highly recommend to travel to Northern Scandinavia or Iceland during the winter to have your mind blown away by it! Other fantastic activities that can be done up there are for example dog-sledge or snowmobile tours through the untouched snow, ice-fishing or simply a relaxed evening in a swimming saune on a frozen lake.

One evening of my stay, I was invited into a typical Scandinavian tent with a bonfire in the middle, comparable to a tepee tent. That was also the first time in my life that I ever tasted reindeer meat, dried and slightly smoked and salted. It was simply delicious and the smokey, unique aroma and taste were incomparable to anything I had eaten before.

Ever since then, I was missing this product in my life back in Germany or Southern Sweden. I never really thought about pursuing this as a real business idea, but when I started my Master in Entrepreneurship in Lund in the Summer of 2016, I was given the task to come up with as many different business ideas as possible. That was the time I remembered about this delicious snack and I decided to pitch the idea of bringing this product to whole Europe to my classmates. Anton and Alex, the other co-founders of Renjer were immediately interested, since we all share a deep love for Scandinavia and typical Scandinavian products.

An idea was born.

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