The Father’s day is here soon!

The Father’s day is approaching in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Here in the Nordics, except Denmark it is celebrated on the 12th of November this year. For us at Renjer the Father’s day is as important as the Mother’s day in May. Soon it is the time for all of us to remember our fathers. Do you remember that great moment you had with your father when you were a small child? Most of us played football with our dads and maybe some of the lucky ones were taken to an exciting hiking trip to the national park nearby. When we grew up a little our fathers let us to drive the car secretly in a hidden location, which was of course exciting. Sometimes the relationship to your father might have been difficult, but most of us still remember them with warm thoughts. During these hectic times in today’s World we may often forget about the great past experiences that we have had during our lives. Therefore, the traditional festive days established for our parents have already been celebrated for ages to remind us of the importance of them.

Treat your Father with Something Special

We at Renjer believe that our fathers should be treated with something special to display our appreciation to them. Some of you might have a nice lunch or dinner with your family if you are living closeby and some of you might just give a call to your father. Gifts are also common: I have heard that some fathers get whiskey and some eau de cologne. The possibilities are of course endless. We at Renjer naturally want to offer a nice addition to the old gifts for the father’s day. Our Reindeer Jerky is a really suitable gift for the Father’s day. The meat is probably the highest quality reindeer meat you can get in the whole Scandinavia, it’s really eco-friendly compared to other meats and in addition: it’s really healthy! So if you want to give a huge surprise to your father, give him some Renjer as a gift. I will at least give it to my father personally and so will my business partners.

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