Meat that is good for you and our planet

We at Renjer have often talked about the advantages of game meat compared to mass-farmed meat Now the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a so called “meat guide” on their website, showing implications in regard to climate, biodiversity, chemical pesticides, animal welfare and antibiotics for the various sources of meat. The results for mass-farmed […]

Strategic Distributor Partnership with Ruokapohjola

Starting from 4th of June we have started to collaborate with Ruokapohjola, a distributor based in Oulu, Finland. Ruokapohjola has been marketing and distributing Nordic premium foods since 1997. Started as and still being a family company, they believe in strong personal relationships between them and their customers. Renjer is an expansion of their product range, […]

Renjer Trip to Amazing Estonia!

This week we flew to Estonia to visit our business partners. We looked at our production facilities, the warehousing company and had a chance to meet with a new potential producer for our upcoming products (still a secret ;)). We visited our producer and logistics center for the first time, which provided us with a […]