Next Time You Eat Meat – Choose Wisely

Do you really know what’s in the meat you eat? For the recent years there has been an ongoing discussion about the environmental effects of meat consumption. This discussion has partly arisen from the increased knowledge about the carbon footprint of the food we consume, but also from the increased interest in the ethical side […]

Enhance your party with Renjer

Throwing a party this weekend? At least we at Renjer do almost every weekend because it’s nice to have fun time with your best friends after a stressful week. Organising a party is easy, you just need a location, drinks, snacks and some activities so your guests don’t get bored. Maybe you cook a dinner […]

Renjer on tour #8 – The Final Days

The Lofoten and Versterålen above the Arctic Circle in Norway are two groups of islands, which absolutely deserve the adjectives ‘breathtaking’ and ‘marvellous’. After a so far exciting but also exhausting trip, this beautiful place on earth was exactly what we needed to slow down and to recharge our batteries. Regarding our sales efforts we […]

Norwegian Rain – Renjer on tour #7

After our marvellous night at the Cape, it was the first time for us going south again after more than a week. At this point we did not see the sun set for 4 or 5 five nights, but we got used to it sooner than expected. There was one huge advantage of Norway’s coast […]

The Crazy 24h – Renjer on tour #6

It was Sunday, July 2nd, a day that can also be described the crazy 24h. Our morning began in the forests close to Inari in Finnish Lapland. We had a beautiful little hut directly at a lake. After a good night sleep we were ready to take on our journey towards the North Cape, which […]

Renjer on tour #5

From here on only North! After Rovaniemi we only had one direction and that was towards the North Cape! On the way there we passed some marvelous towns embedded in the wild Arctic landscape such as Inari in Finland or Kautokeino and Lakselv in Norway – each of them more remote than the previous one. […]

Renjer on tour #4

Crossing the Finnish border was not really a big thing for us at first – the only thing that changed was the time zone. Apart from that, the sun did not set anymore, which sometimes made it hard for us to find our way to the sleeping bag before 2 am. What stayed constant, were […]

Renjer on tour #3

Finnish Lapland - Rovaniemi

It is a long way. A really long way. Everyone, who is driving the E4 from Stockholm towards the Finnish border in Northern Sweden will realize that at one point. Always the Baltic Sea to the right and the endless Swedish forest to the left. Welcome to the real Sweden. Nevertheless there are many beautiful […]

Renjer on tour #2

On the second day of our trip we were coming to Stockholm, and as mentioned in our first blog post about our sales trip through Scandinavia, we had high hopes after a successful first day selling our reindeer jerky. We had some meetings booked in advance, for example with two Elite hotels in the city […]

Renjer on tour #1

Midnight Light in Tornio on Renjer trip

This is the first post of our post series regarding our summer sales trip. On a sunny Sunday afternoon our trip through Scandinavia started and we were all looking forward to see how other businesses and people would appreciate our reindeer jerky. For us this trip simultaneously felt like the end and the beginning. The […]