Rovaniemi – Gift package – Christmas 2020


Do you know what’s incredibly tasty? Our Nordic Reindeer and Elk Jerky. Do you know what’s also incredibly tasty? Finnish cloudberries – especially the sauce made from it. Our jerky fits so well with the sauce, you wouldn’t believe it (but of course you can also use it for your yogurt, for a fruity salad dressing, or for whatever you feel like). It doesn’t get much more unique than these three products in one gift box to be honest. So if your relative, partner or friend is a true gourmet or lover of the unusual, this is the perfect gift for them. 


  • 1x Reindeer Jerky with Sea Salt (25g)
  • 1x Elk Jerky with Sea Salt (25g)
  • Seedless Cloudberry Sauce from Finnish Wild Cloudberries (200 ml)

What is cloudberry?

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