Black Friday for the Future

This Black Friday week we donate 20% of our product revenue to support the sami people

Too often

The people who have contributed the least to climate change are the hardest hit. Small groups of people can have a hard time standing up for their rights.

Together we can help

Secure the future of Sami culture and reindeer farming by getting their voice heard on the global forums. Small steps and actions taken against climate change can have a large effect.

Any purchase on our website between the 25th and 30th of November will donate 20% of the product revenue to Environmental Justice Foundation’s Stand up for the Sami campaign.

One 12-pack donates a minimum of 9.6 €

52,99  or 52,99  45,04  / month
52,99  or 52,99  45,04  / month
47,99  or 47,99  40,79  / month
47,99  or 47,99  40,79  / month

One 4-pack donates a minimum of 3.6 €

Thank you for standing together with us and supporting sami people this black friday week