Wild Jerky: The Perfect Complement for your Workout

Physical fitness creates a state of well-being and health that most specifically gives you the ability to perform workout, occupations and daily activities with the most exceptional ease and comfort. However, to perform regular exercise and fulfil your diet plans to achieve results in fitness the right nutrition – including meal and meat – is key.

Meat in general is a tremendous muscle-building food, highly recommendable for a complete fitness diet due to its high protein content. Although, meat is also linked with negative effects on the body as well as the environment, those studies concentrate solely on industrially farmed meat, which has its downsides. Whereas, they often forget completely to mention the cleanest and most natural alternative – Wild Meat. This special kind of meat comes from the woods, where the animals live species-appropriate and in harmony with the environment. This results in meat that is lean, rich in healthy fatty acids and completely free from medical treatment, which makes it an ideal component of a body-building diet.

Renjer as a visionary “wild jerky” brand guarantees you to always only use the healthiest and most energising meat supporting your workout goals and helping you to keep you diet while you enjoy snacking.

Renjer offers three options for you:


Elk is the probably best choice for sportsmen and weight lifters due to it unbelievable nutritional content. Renjer Elk Jerky is made of meat from the “European Elk “(lat. Alces alces) also known as “moose” in America, it has a unique mild game flavour, is high in protein and low in fat. It’s slightly seasoned for enjoyment and refreshment after a tiring workout or a hectic day at work. Enjoy this healthy meat with 0g of carbohydrate, low fat of 7g and 77g of protein (in 100g).



If you desire something even more exotic and even tenderer, Renjer Reindeer Jerky is your choice. It has a long tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Dried reindeer meat is one of the secrets that helped both Vikings and indigenous Sami to survive cold and harsh winters. Both believed that reindeer meat had mysterious powers in regards of energising. What they didn’t know in detail – reindeer meat in its dried form as Renjer Reindeer Jerky is rich in protein (57g), has zero carbohydrates (0g), and a fat content of only 5.7g.



Renjer deer jerky is chewy like our Elk Jerky and wild like the endless forest of Northern Europe. The deer is the most confident and agile navigator of the wood. Regardless of whether you are working out or enjoy a day with friends, it’s the perfect snacks to support your fitness diet. With 70% protein the protein content is only slightly below Renjer’s Elk Jerky by 0% carbs. Thereby it is an ideal companion to get the maximum results in fitness and achieve the body-building outcome you desire.

Shop for our jerky at www.renjer.ky/shop or at Amazon.de and UK.

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