Renjer Wild Jerky

Traditional Deer Jerky 10-pack (300g)

Wow, what a lot of Deer Jerky! This pack will not leave you hungry, even if your whole diet is based on dried meat. Buy for yourself or to share. The most important for us that you enjoy the wild flavour.

Renjer’s deer jerky is chewy like our elk and wild like the endless forests of Northern Europe. The deer is undoubtedly the most agile and confident navigator of these forests. Its meat is the natural choice for self-confident meat lovers, who demand to spice up their life with more wilderness. Regardless of the situation – as a healthy snack on the road or with a tasty drink with friends – we are sure you will love it just as much as we do. Get our deer-licious snack now – and taste the wilderness!


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Modern way of snacking!

Sustainable game meat

Renjer is only produced of high quality game meat from Northern Europe, which means that the eco-footprint is ten times below beef jerky. Moreover, the species-appropriate life of wild animals is a clear signal against mass-produced meat.

Healthy nutrition

Wild meat is packed with healthy nutrients due to the natural diet of wild animals. Our jerky is high in protein, but has very low fat content and carbohydrate content.

Natural ingredients

We use only whole meat bits and aim to keep the wild taste of our meats by seasoning them only slightly.

Carefully handcrafted

Every piece of our products is handsliced and carefully dried to guarantee the maximum taste experience.

Renjer – Traditional Deer Jerky (30g) x 10


Deer meat, seasoning and flavour, salt, preservative (E250)

Nutrition Facts per 100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal):  1693/406

Fat: 8 g whereof saturated fat: 4 g

Carbohydrates: 0 g

Protein: 70 g

Salt: 4 g

Shelf life 12 months in room temperature from production date

Weight0.490 kg

1 review for Traditional Deer Jerky 10-pack (300g)

  1. Clint

    Texture. Like dried meat. Not quite stereotypical jerky. Easier to break apart and bite into. You can feel the fibres when you chew. Which is great.
    Tastes. Rich, Juicy (after a few chews). Like really nice. And for some unknown reason I get a hint of Kippers or another smoked fish, but thats probably me, as my mum can’t taste it, but she thought of spam, but I didn’t. Both agree on mouth watering. Scent wise. I haven’t the foggiest. It’s not bad. But the only thing my mind can relate to is a box of Weetabix. Which is a wholegrain wheat cereal.
    Anyhoo moving on…

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