Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime for FREE

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Jerky for free, wait what? Just add this product to the cart and complete the checkout. You will receive a bag of Red Deer Chili & Lime for  free. We only ask you to cover the shipping charges yourself.

How does it work?

  • Add this product to the cart
  • One bag of Red Deer Chili & Lime (25g) will be added to your cart automatically
  • Add additional products if you wish
  • Complete checkout and pay for shipping
  • Wait a couple of days and receive your jerky!


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Freshest RENJER directly from us
Get your money back if you are not happy
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The free jerky deal is here again!

Always wanted to try our products but you were not sure if you really want to spend that 5 euro for our jerky? No problem, our initiative makes trying our product super easy. We know that most of the other jerkies out there cost less, but believe us. Our stuff is the real deal without tons of sugar – as natural as possible. We believe in our product quality and are sure that if you love jerky – you will love RENJER.

In addition to being tasty, Wild Game meat is natural and has a significantly lower environmental footprint than jerky made from mass-farmed animals. When you enjoy your products you will not only eat tasty and healthy meat, but also support the sustainable development of our nature.

Additionally, if you prefer buying on Amazon you can find our products on all European Amazon marketplaces: for example on and



Shelf life

18 months from production


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