Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime, 4-pack

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Do you know that frustrating feeling when you buy a product that is advertised to be spicy, but after taking your first bite, the disappointment kicks in? Nothing, simply nothing even close to a burning feeling in your mouth. We at RENJER have decided that we will not let that happen to you – after all we couldn’t bear to see our customers disappointed! Therefore, we have created our new modern RENJER taste of Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime. In general, from the start red deer kept selling less than its exotic brothers reindeer and elk – but believe us, that is about to change with a bang. If you like it spicy, you will love our new red deer jerky with chili, rounded off with a hint of lime. And in case you wondered, the red deer meat that is used in our products is sourced from the Scandinavian and Baltic forests and is 100% wild game meat from hunting. So all that is left to say now: embrace the burn and enjoy this new highlight among our products. #renjerburn

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Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime (25g) × 4

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Modern way of snacking!

Sustainable game meat

Renjer is only produced of high quality game meat from Northern Europe, which means that the eco-footprint is ten times below beef jerky. Moreover, the species-appropriate life of wild animals is a clear signal against mass-produced meat.

Healthy nutrition

Wild meat is packed with healthy nutrients due to the natural diet of wild animals. Our jerky is high in protein, but has very low fat content and carbohydrate content.

Natural ingredients

We use only whole meat bits and aim to keep the wild taste of our meats by seasoning them only slightly.

Carefully handcrafted

Every piece of our products is handsliced and carefully dried to guarantee the maximum taste experience.


Ingredients: red deer meat (90,3 %), sea salt, white wine vinegar, dextrose, stabilizer (citrus pectin), spice mix, chilli (1,5 %), lime aroma (0,8 %)

It takes 275g of deer meat for 100g jerky.

Nutritional facts per 100 g 
Energy1111 kJ / 265 kcal
Fat 3,2 g
Of which saturated fat1,4 g
Carbohydrate2 g
Of which sugars1,8 g
Protein56,5 g
Salt4 g

Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime (25g)

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