Renjer Wild Jerky

Tasting pack (reindeer, deer and elk) – 85g

Three different wild jerkies! Get all of our flavors at once and decide which one is your favorite. It might be difficult to decide, at least for us it has been. Enjoy these bags on the go or during a cozy night at home with some craft beer. We promise that you will fall in love.


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Modern way of snacking!

Sustainable game meat

Renjer is only produced of high quality game meat from Northern Europe, which means that the eco-footprint is ten times below beef jerky. Moreover, the species-appropriate life of wild animals is a clear signal against mass-produced meat.

Healthy nutrition

Wild meat is packed with healthy nutrients due to the natural diet of wild animals. Our jerky is high in protein, but has very low fat content and carbohydrate content.

Natural ingredients

We use only whole meat bits and aim to keep the wild taste of our meats by seasoning them only slightly.

Carefully handcrafted

Every piece of our products is handsliced and carefully dried to guarantee the maximum taste experience.

Taste all three of RENJER’s delicious jerkies at once – try reindeer, elk and deer

✓ 100% Wild Game Meat
✓ 1x Reindeer Jerky (25g)
✓ 1x Elk Jerky (30g)
✓ 1x Deer Jerky (30g)

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2 reviews for Tasting pack (reindeer, deer and elk) – 85g

  1. Björn H.

    Echt top um sich mal durch die Sorten zu probieren…könnte etwas mehr Inhalt sein, alle drei Tüten waren direkt leer, weils echt gut geschmeckt hat.

  2. C. Walker

    Sweet stuff, lovely taste. Reindeer is my fav!

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