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Traditional Reindeer Jerky (25g)

Reindeer Jerky is Renjer’s classic and most tender option. This most exclusive jerky in our collection is the modern interpretation of the traditional Nordic torkat renkött, which has a history dating back hundreds of years. Along with many other reindeer products, dried reindeer meat was one of the secrets that helped both vikings and the indigenous Sami to survive the cold and harsh winters. Moreover, reindeer meat is also well known for its unique and exotic taste and of course for the mysterious powers it granted to the vikings during their journeys through the arctic ocean. Get our original now – and taste the real North!


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Modern way of snacking!

Sustainable game meat

Renjer is only produced of high quality game meat from Northern Europe, which means that the eco-footprint is ten times below beef jerky. Moreover, the species-appropriate life of wild animals is a clear signal against mass-produced meat.

Healthy nutrition

Wild meat is packed with healthy nutrients due to the natural diet of wild animals. Our jerky is high in protein, but has very low fat content and carbohydrate content.

Natural ingredients

We use only whole meat bits and aim to keep the wild taste of our meats by seasoning them only slightly.

Carefully handcrafted

Every piece of our products is handsliced and carefully dried to guarantee the maximum taste experience.

Renjer – Traditional Reindeer Jerky

Net weight: 25g / Gross weight: 33g
Shelf life 12 months in room temperature (15-22°) from production date


Reindeer meat, salt, seasoning and flavour, preservative (E250)

Nutrition Facts per 100 g

Energy (kJ/kcal): 1142/273

Fat: 4,5 g (whereof saturated fat 1,7 g)

Carbohydrates: 0 g

Protein: 56,7 g

Salt: 4 g

Weight0.033 kg

1 review for Traditional Reindeer Jerky (25g)

  1. Michael

    Bin positiv überrascht! Habe durch einen Kollegen von den Produkten erfahren. Das Jerky ist wirklich super schmackhaft – wenn auch nicht ganz billig. Daher nur 4 Sterne, aber kann man sich ab und zu sicher mal gönnen zum einem Bierchen…

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