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Throwing a party this weekend?

At least we at Renjer do almost every weekend because it’s nice to have fun time with your best friends after a stressful week. Organising a party is easy, you just need a location, drinks, snacks and some activities so your guests don’t get bored. Maybe you cook a dinner for your best buddies. For activities some might sing songs, play outdoor games, cards or video games. Here in Sweden the summer is rather short so during the summer we try to stay outside if the weather allows that. During the winter it’s the time to get cosier and stay in, at least if the temperature goes below zero or it snows heavily. Sometimes it feels that each party is similar and that you just keep doing the same things every time. We offer a solution to make your event more special. You can easily bring a new vibe to your party by offering your guests Renjer instead of potato chips or other snacks. Renjer goes well with hard mature cheese or you can even make a dip out of it by cutting it to small pieces and mixing it with horseradish creme mix. For drinks we would go with red wine, beer or with your favourite non-alcoholic drink.

RENJER Tapas with horseradish creme

Thank you Lottie for sharing your recipe with us!

RENJER with horseradish creme

Serves up to 12 people

1 bag of local red beetroot chips
1-2 boxes of RENJER – Traditional Reindeer jerky

Horseradish mix:

1 (175g) Philadelphia Cream Cheese Horseradish (Pepparrot)
0,5 dl Crème Fraiche
1 pot of chives, cut
½ tube (45g) of Horseradish Creme, example
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut RENJER in smaller pieces and blend with the horseradish creme mix. Pour the reindeer horseradish mix over the beetroot chips and enjoy while it lasts!

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