Renjer on tour #1

This is the first post of our post series regarding our summer sales trip.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon our trip through Scandinavia started and we were all looking forward to see how other businesses and people would appreciate our reindeer jerky. For us this trip simultaneously felt like the end and the beginning. The end of our studies and of the trial and error phase of entrepreneurship. The beginning of being a serious company with all its ups and downs. From now on every day it will be up to us to work hard to bring Renjer forward, because there is no one anymore telling us how to proceed.

Back to the sunny Sunday afternoon. A mixture of excitement and fear was in the air on the first day of driving towards Kalmar on the Swedish east coast. Even though we sold Renjer to a few places in small amounts around Lund, we still didn’t know if our reindeer jerky would be an accepted product in the whole Scandinavian market. We produced 1000 boxes of Renjer in advance, simply hoping that everything would turn out well. With this uncertainty and a cold beer we ended the first day of the road trip.

The next morning started with lots of rain and a mediocre mood. But tables were about to turn after breakfast. First we received a call from the Polarcirckelsenteret in Norway, who wanted to buy a large amount of our product immediately, a huge motivation boost for us. Afterwards we found our first partner in a sales meeting with the Grönåsen Moosepark close to Kalmar. We could not have been happier after these two early successes! With high hopes we proceeded to our next destination Stockholm. In our next blog “Renjer on tour #2” you can see how that went…

Next post is coming soon 🙂

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