Renjer on tour #2

On the second day of our trip we were coming to Stockholm, and as mentioned in our first blog post about our sales trip through Scandinavia, we had high hopes after a successful first day selling our reindeer jerky. We had some meetings booked in advance, for example with two Elite hotels in the city centre, but we realized soon that hotels are not our best option to sell Renjer.

However, Stockholm offered a wide range of different places to go to and present Renjer – from souvenir shops in Gamla Stan, to museums, bars and delicacy stores. Most of the shops were extremely interested and we even found one shop with a reindeer inside, however we couldn’t land a single sale on our first day in the city. A little frustrated we went to visit our friends @anthi and @nina, who managed to cheer us up with some drinks and a good old game of Monopoly.

After a relaxing night at their place we were heading to our most important appointment so far – the Vasa museum with 1.3 m visitors annually. We knew that this location would be perfect for our reindeer jerky. We all were at our best during the meeting and indeed we succeeded and sold 100 boxes to them, our biggest order so far. This was exactly what we needed after the rough previous day.

Energised and hyped by our new partner we continued our way to the North. And by the way, a little advice to future entrepreneurs: after our trip we got in contact with a large supermarket and the main tourist shop in Stockholm, both partners that we (unsuccessfully) approached on the first day in town. So the lesson for us was that every lead, no matter how unlikely to buy in the first place, can always become a partner at a later point in time!

With these words we conclude this blog post, so stay tuned for “Renjer on tour #3”!

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