Renjer on tour #3

It is a long way. A really long way. Everyone, who is driving the E4 from Stockholm towards the Finnish border in Northern Sweden will realize that at one point. Always the Baltic Sea to the right and the endless Swedish forest to the left. Welcome to the real Sweden.

Nevertheless there are many beautiful cities along this road, among them Uppsala, Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå with exciting architecture, often surrounded by wild nature. To be honest though, we just wanted to get further North as quick as we could, because we anticipated much higher demand for our reindeer jerky in places where the reindeers actually live and where the tourists come to in order to see them.

As a consequence we just had one single sale in Umeå even though we covered almost a thousand kilometers during two days. After our fantastic deal in the Stockholm Vasa museum these were pretty frustrating 48 hours. On top of that we were extremely unsure if our product would be accepted by the local businesses in the North, since they often have their own source of reindeer meat supply. Furthermore none of us spoke fluent Swedish or Norwegian, another possible reason to mistrust us.

How it all turned out you can read in our next blog post “Renjer on tour #4”. But one thing we can already reveal: Anton, as a native Finnish speaker, was a huge help selling Renjer reindeer jerky in Finland! Stay tuned!

And by the way, if you are interested in the shops that already sell Renjer, check our our shop finder here on the website!

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