Renjer on tour #4

Crossing the Finnish border was not really a big thing for us at first – the only thing that changed was the time zone. Apart from that, the sun did not set anymore, which sometimes made it hard for us to find our way to the sleeping bag before 2 am.

What stayed constant, were definitely the mosquitoes that did not even care about our desperate attempts to banish them with expensive repellent. We were so desperate, we even downloaded an app to scare these little monsters away, but nothing worked.

But even the mosquitoes could not ruin our crazy two days in the Rovaniemi region in Northern Finland. Our hopes were not extremely high before coming there, having made only three customers during the trip so far. And it got even worse as we were supposed to have an appointment with a manager of a large hotel chain. Just when we wanted to agree on a certain time to meet, he did not respond to us anymore, which was extremely frustrating. But luckily we had one appointment – with a huge Polar Science Park in Rovaniemi. They loved our product and without long discussions they bought 100 boxes Renjer to try it in the shop. During the negotiations it was of great help that our co-founder Anton spoke Finnish, a reason for our successful days in Finland in general.
From this one sale on we made 4 more during that day and on top of that we got a picture with the ‘real’ Santa Claus from the Arctic Circle in Finland. The day couldn’t have been better! In the evening we treated ourselves with a visit in the sauna and some cold beers. And even though some local Finnish grandpas were amused by our limited saune endurance, we had an absolute fun evening that finished with a skinny dip in the local river.

The real work however began for us afterwards, now that we started to acquire more and more customers. After sales is more time-consuming than expected but we will tell you more about that in the next blog as well as about our time in Finnish and Norwegian Lapland – stay tuned for “Renjer on tour #5”!

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