Renjer on tour #8 – The Final Days

The Lofoten and Versterålen above the Arctic Circle in Norway are two groups of islands, which absolutely deserve the adjectives ‘breathtaking’ and ‘marvellous’. After a so far exciting but also exhausting trip, this beautiful place on earth was exactly what we needed to slow down and to recharge our batteries. Regarding our sales efforts we had a little problem: We sold all our 1000 boxes in the two previous weeks, so basically, after a successful sale, we had to let them know about the waiting time of approximately four weeks until they could receive our Renjer Reindeer Jerky. Nevertheless we managed to get some deals done. This further improved our mood (which was already great as a consequence of the nature).

For everyone visiting that region, you should know what you are looking for: if you want avoid larger tourist masses, you are better off on the Vesterålen with its lonely roads and cozy hidden bays and beaches. The Lofoten on the other hand have a wide range of touristic attractions to offer (Viking Museum, Aquarium, Local Pottery and Craft). Furthermore it is possible to have fantastic hikes to steep mountain tops with spectacular views. One of these hikes is to the Reinebringen top, with a fantastic view over Reine village. We started our tour on a Friday evening at 9pm, eager to see the sun on the horizon from the top. The trail started off fairly easy. However, after 10 minutes it suddenly became extremely steep. Only one of us was wearing real hiking shoes, so we were not able to proceed as quickly as we would have liked to. One hour later, with calves burning as fire, we reached the top and immediately every struggle was forgotten. We could not believe our eyes – this view was simply magnificent.

Another great place to go to on the Lofoten is the Kvalvika Beach, a lonely beach that requires a 1,5 h walk to reach. There is even a documentary movie about this beach called “North of the Sun” in which two Norwegian boys live on this beach for 10 month and build their own small hut only from wood and trash they find on the beach. Their endeavours are truly impressive, however it also makes you contemplate about all the waste swimming around in our oceans.

After three days on the islands it was time for us to proceed towards the South again. First, we took the road towards Kiruna in Sweden. On the way there out of the blue we suddenly saw Lapporten – the famous mountain visible on the box of Renjer Reindeer Jerky. From here on it took us only two days to come back to Stockholm – the end of this crazy and successful trip “Renjer on tour”.

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