Renjer Trip to Amazing Estonia!

This week we flew to Estonia to visit our business partners. We looked at our production facilities, the warehousing company and had a chance to meet with a new potential producer for our upcoming products (still a secret ;)). We visited our producer and logistics center for the first time, which provided us with a better understanding of the supply chain of our business.

Day 1

Our trip started with an early Monday morning flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki where we had a transfer for our next flight to Tallinn. In Tallinn we had a meeting with one of the owners of our factory and enjoyed our time with a short sightseeing before preparing ourselves for the next day’s factory visit.

Day 2

Tuesday morning we headed to Haapsalu, where our jerky factory Linnamäe is located. Our factory does not only produce jerky but also processes meat into sausages, minced meat and cold cuts. They focus on wild meat products on a very high level of quality, which is achieved by hand-production, not only by machines. On the local market they are known for their elk sausages, elk minced meat and other game meat products.

On the factory we visited the production and had the chance to see live how our product is made and packaged. Moreover, we talked with the workers who are hand-cutting, marinating, dehydrating the meat in the oven and finally packaging the jerky. This was of course very exciting 🙂 The working conditions were very good and the relationship between the management and employees seemed warm. Awesome!

Later in the evening we had a dinner with the employees from the Linnamäe office and after that we headed to our accommodation, which was a spa by the sea. There we had the chance to try out six different saunas 😀 They had two regular saunas, a salt sauna, steam sauna, solarium sauna and an infrared sauna. We had never seen so many saunas at one place 😀 Thank you for organising that for us Linnamäe!

Day 3

Wednesday morning we headed back to Tallinn to meet with Omniva (Estonian post), the company that currently provides us with logistics and warehousing. First we had a short meeting with them and later we headed straight to their large warehouse. We saw where our products are sent to from our factory and from where they reach our customers. After visiting Omniva we treated ourselves with yummy burgers at Toit’s City in the center of Tallinn (highly recommended whenever you are in Tallinn).

In the evening we visited the beautiful summer house belonging to one of Linnamäe owners. This house was more than 100 years old and there we enjoyed a great evening with beer, a lot of snacks and sauna, while discussing more details about the future operations and partnership.

Day 4

Next day was the time for us to travel back home and before doing so we had a lunch meeting with a new potential supplier for something really exciting 🙂 (Not telling yet :p) After the lunch we spent some time working, enjoying coffee and the views over Tallinn at Radisson Blu before we headed back to Copenhagen through Helsinki. It was a lovely and productive trip!

Anton, Alex and Tim

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