Renjer has finally arrived and is live on Venture Cup

Almost five months of development have finally led to a delicious result.

Hello everybody! I am Anton from Renjer and one of the co-founders. This first blog is about our current feelings and about our process of bringing Renjer – Nordic Reindeer Jerky – to you.

The last months have been laborous for us. Since October last year we have been developing this unique snack for you to enjoy. This has been a long road from evaluating the initial idea to receiving the first bags of delicious reindeer jerky, which happened just a while ago. Soon we can offer exotic and aromatic Renjer for all of you and we are sure that you will enjoy it.

We are now live on Venture Cup Sweden, which is an annual competition for start-ups. We decided to join this competition because we believe that our product offers something special to our partners and consumers. Sadly, today it feels that most of the biggest breakthrough products or solutions are only related to the tech-industry. Regardless of this, we believe that a premium snack that offers the pure taste of the North, made out of reindeer meat (one of the healthiest meats on the earth!) can be counted as an innovation itself!

We hope that you cast your vote on Venture Cup for us and we are also open for any development ideas, which you can share by commenting our project on Venture Cup’s website. Register on the Venture Cup website and participate 🙂

Also, remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with our progress.

Now, have a great weekend all of you! We will come back soon to you with more updates about our product so stay tuned and be one of the first to taste the pure North!

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