Reindeer Jerky Sea Salt, 4-pack

Product description

The Traditional Nordic Reindeer Jerky from RENJER is not only natural, but probably also the most exotic and tastiest jerky you can find (aside from our other jerkies of course)! We worked hard to improve our previous recipe and we came to the conclusion that reindeer jerky should not be seasoned with any additional spices that cover up the unique natural taste of reindeer meat. Therefore, our reindeer jerky consists mainly of two ingredients – meat and sea salt. To ensure the highest meat quality, we source the raw material from the far North of Sweden, where nature is still pristine and animals roam freely in the vast wilderness of Lapland. This pure wilderness can be tasted in every bite of our delicious and slightly smoked snack. The other main ingredient is sea salt – not too much, not too little – just the right amount to emphasise the harmonic gamey taste of this exclusive meat from the very first moment you try it. To sum up, our reindeer jerky is the perfect snack for everyone, who values naturality when it comes to jerky! 

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Ingredienser: renkött (91,3%), havssalt, vitvinsvinäger, stabiliseringsmedel (pektin).

Hög salthalt.


Det behövs 290g renkött för att producera 100g jerky.


Näringsvärdeper 100 g 
Energi1142 kJ / 273 kcal
Fett5,1 g
Varav mättat fett2,5 g
Kolhydrater2 g
Varav socker1,3 g
Protein54 g
Salt3,2 g

Ingredients: reindeer meat (91,3 %), sea salt, white wine vinegar, stabilizer (citrus pectin)

It takes 290g of reindeer meat for 100g jerky.

Nutritional facts per 100 g 
Energy1142 kJ / 273 kcal
Fat 5,1 g
Of which saturated fat2,5 g
Carbohydrate2 g
Of which sugars1,3 g
Protein54 g
Salt3,2 g