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Reindeer Jerky Gift Box 3-pack

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Take the RENJER Reindeer Jerky 3-pack and save 15%.

You can’t get enough of the first and finest Jerky of 100% reindeer meat? That’s your chance to get more for your hard earned money. Our product is hand-sliced and only slightly seasoned in order to preserve the wild and pure taste of the reindeer. It comes in a beautiful cardboard box with 40 grams of dried meat inside, perfect to treat yourself or give away as a present to your family and friends. Enjoy this unique snack and taste the real North!

We ship to the whole EU + Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Check for the current currency rates

The 3-pack is shipped FREE to you!
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Renjer – Reindeer Jerky (3-pack)

Nutrition facts (per 100g):
Energy (kj/kcal): 1142/273
Fat: 4,5 g (whereof saturated fat 1,7 g)
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Protein: 56,7 g
Salt: 4 g

(40 g – made out of 100 grams of fresh meat)

Ingredients: Reindeer meat, seasoning, flavours, salt, preservative (E250).
Durability: 12 months


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