Tromsø – Gift package – Christmas 2020

Product description

The arctic land of Northern Norway, in which Tromsø is located, is also the home of many, many reindeers. Now we cannot promise you 100% that the reindeer from our Nordic Reindeer Jerky are directly from there, but it is certainly possible that they have come over from Northern Sweden to check out if the grass is greener on the Norwegian side. So now, after all this storytelling, we forgot what we wanted to say…ah yes, we have a great Christmas gift box for you that includes two bags of this delicious reindeer jerky. But believe it or not, that’s not all: you will also receive a bottle of delicious lingonberry sauce, which can be combined nicely with the jerky or alternatively used on your ice cream, for a fruity salad dressing, or on whatever you feel like. So don’t hesitate and get this gift box for everyone of your friends and family members, who love Northern Scandinavia and can’t get enough unique and delicious food from that area. 


  • 2x Reindeer Jerky Sea Salt (25g)
  • Seedless Lingonberry Sauce from Finnish Wild Lingonberries (200 ml)

What is lingonberry?

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