Why to Eat Deer Meat?

Deer peeking out from a bush. Deer Jerky

So why should you eat deer meat? We collected nice list of facts that should encourage you to eat more deer meat, maybe also partly in the shape of our jerky. 1. Deer Meat Tastes Delicious Venison can taste absolutely delicious – when prepared and processed correctly! Now we all know that taste is definitely something […]

The Father’s day is here soon!

The Father’s day is approaching in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Here in the Nordics, except Denmark it is celebrated on the 12th of November this year. For us at Renjer the Father’s day is as important as the Mother’s day in May. Soon it is the time for all of us to remember our […]

Beef Jerky VS Reindeer Jerky

The Bavarian food bloggers from VOI Lecker have done a small comparison of our delicious reindeer jerky with the beef jerky classic from Jack Link’s. We want to make this test also accessible for the non-German speaking friends of RENJER. What the experienced food testers say: Already in the first view Renjer’s Reindeer Jerky with […]