2017 – The birth year of Renjer #3

Our new products Happy with what we had achieved so far, but also due to the feedback we received for our first product, we decided to grow our product assortment. First we wanted a broader variety in our wild meat selection. Then we listened to the feedback we got throughout all partners and customers. They […]

2017 – The birth year of Renjer #2

Go for your dreams! Our company formation including an elaborated business plan was not the only thing we were working on during spring 2017, we also had to write a whole thesis to pass our Master. This often kept us busier than we liked, and we often had that inner conflict whether to work on […]

2017 – The birth year of Renjer #1

In this blog article series we want to give you insights into our intense year 2017, in which we founded and built up our company Renjer Snacks AB to what it is now. The Beginning Even though our dream started already in the end of 2016, it was this year when things started to move […]

Renjer on tour #2

On the second day of our trip we were coming to Stockholm, and as mentioned in our first blog post about our sales trip through Scandinavia, we had high hopes after a successful first day selling our reindeer jerky. We had some meetings booked in advance, for example with two Elite hotels in the city […]