The Crazy 24h – Renjer on tour #6

It was Sunday, July 2nd, a day that can also be described the crazy 24h.

Our morning began in the forests close to Inari in Finnish Lapland. We had a beautiful little hut directly at a lake. After a good night sleep we were ready to take on our journey towards the North Cape, which we wanted to reach within the same day – approximately 400 km away and according to Google Maps 5 hours. One of our main learnings on the trip was that Google Maps cannot be trusted on Norwegian roads, but more about that later.

So the day started in Inari town, where we took the time to visit a museum about Sami history and culture – always good to know about when you are selling a product that is originally produced by indigenous Sami people. Afterwards we went to the biggest tourist/souvenir shop in town, and even though we did not make a sale back there, we got a huge compliment about our reindeer jerky. An old man, who was a Sami, herding and eating reindeer all his life, tried Renjer and said (in a deep voice): “Guys, this is how reindeer should taste and be marketed nowadays”. That was definitely something we could live with!

Then we went on, because we knew we had many kilometers ahead of us and after some short stops in Kautokeino and Lakselv in Norway we reached Olderfjord around 7pm, the place where the famous E6 splits towards the North Cape. By the way – did you know that the E6 is one of the longest roads of Europe with more than 3000 km from Trelleborg in Southern Sweden to Kirkenes in Norway, close to the Russian border. Anyway, we left this precious road in Olderfjord and again, the first thing we saw was a huge tourist centre. We did not have high hopes, since it was a Sunday evening. 20 minutes later we had made a sale of 100 boxes to this place after some pleasant negotiations with the young owner.

With this fantastic success we started our last 100 km towards the Cape and around 9pm we reached the last village before the North Cape, Honningsvåg. We checked in a cozy cabin, had some dinner and worked a bit while we waited. Now you are surely wondering what we were waiting for, only 25 km away from the final destination. To be precisely, we were waiting for two things. First, our co-founder Tim knew from former experiences that the entrance to the Cape is free after 1am. Second, we wanted to see the midnight sun. And that is why we waited – and damn, it was worth it. When we arrived at the northernmost point of Europe around 1:30am, the sun was right at the horizon in the North, simply breathtaking! We took some good pictures with our Renjer box and afterwards finished this crazy day with a glass of wine, offered by a Norwegian and a Spanish guy we met. At that point we were up for nearly 24h and yes, it was a crazy day!

Stay tuned for our next blog, reading about how the dream of our co-founder Tim came true!

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