For the first time Renjer was tasted by a broader audience.

​Wednesday this week we invited friends, followers and everyone who came by our tasting table to satisfy their curiosity and enjoy the natural, wild and pure flavour of Scandinavia the very first time.

The interest was significant, thus we had to use some reserve of Renjer and print extra feedback papers. Seeing all these excited faces, many convinced smiles while tasting and gathering plenty of positive feedback made us even more passionate about the further development of our product.

What we initially built from scratch with hours and hours of hard work was enjoyed by more than 70 people. During the tasting we received 62 personal feedback questionnaires, which are crucial to make Renjer the most delicious Jerky on the market. We gathered data regarding packaging, appearance, aroma, taste, spices and texture which is analysed now and will be used to improve our handcrafted jerky and get the best possible value for our customers.

The new insights from this diverse group of tasters will bring the Renjer to the next level. Stay tuned and look forward to the second batch coming in April. Soon after that, we are convinced that everyone can get his/her tasty bite of Scandinavia.

Have you participated or do you want to see more impressions? Check out our album on Facebook and link faces you know. ?


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