Our philosophy 

Even when using eco-friendly raw materials, the production process of food products can often cause waste.

In jerky production of a high-quality brand for instance cutting rests can be such “waste”. Although they are tasty, customers would complain or at least not appreciate to get the smallest pieces of crumble in their jerky bags. Therefore, it’s always a compromise between minimising waste and customer satisfaction.

However, we wouldn’t be a start-up, if we didn’t question this compromise. Is it really a trade-off? Aligned with our vision for sustainable and high-quality meat snacking, we thought about how to eliminate it in another way. The conclusion was simple yet delicious.

We decided to package the crumble in 50g bags of four flavours (reindeer, red deer and two kinds of elk – obviously), no fancy design, no marketing, no sales force, but available for all our customers through our web shop. From now on, every production batch will include a very limited amount of jerky crumble for each flavour.

This means, you can sprinkle crumble of your favourite elk jerky in your soup, some reindeer jerky crumble on your salat and easily create spicy dips with the flavour of our red deer chili lime.

Avoid waste while indulging yourself – that’s RENJER’s ZERO WASTE Jerky Crumble. Enjoy!